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Red Oak Stories

See what our clients have to say...

DREW & AMY    Crocker Highlands | Oakland
We could feel our hearts connected to this house, but there was so much drama around it.
As first-time buyers, everything was new for Amy and Drew, who were moving to Oakland from the peninsula. The first house they wanted to make an offer on was a probate sale that was listed at a very low price, which created a lot of buzz and interest from competing...
Drew & Amy's Story >
SARAH & ANDREW     Berkeley Hills | Berkeley
When you buy a house, there are so many things that you get nervous about.
Sarah and Andrew Rosenbach's experience buying a home in North Berkeley can be summed up in one word: persistence. The couple spent four years searching for the right house in the right East Bay neighborhood – a long journey for any home buyer. "It was such a...
Sarah & Andrew 's Story >
KELLY & MIKE    Albany
We had concerns about the business – if you don't have a good relationship with your agent, you feel like you could be taken advantage of.
The real estate market was quite different when Mike and Kelly bought their first home together in 2003. Most homes for sale in the East Bay were getting multiple offers, and buyers had to bid on about 10 different homes before a seller accepted. But Mike and Kelly...
Kelly & Mike's Story >
STREETER & DAVID     El Cerrito
We had a strict deadline to find a home. We were renting from people who were selling and we could not agree on a price for that house, so we had to move.
As East Coast natives on a four-month deadline, Streeter and David had to jump into the East Bay real estate market quickly and learn about pricing, disclosures, and neighborhoods. After a bit of searching, they realized how difficult it was to find the one home...
Streeter & David 's Story >
RADOSLAV & LILIANA     Piedmont Avenue | Oakland
It's very difficult to actually find a house that you like. Looking at each house you can see something you like and something you don't like. Everybody has a doubt.
Liliana and Radoslav were searching for their dream retirement home in the East Bay. The couple – originally from Yugoslavia – had attended grad school at UC Berkeley and their daughter Neda currently lives in Oakland. After spending many harsh winters in Minnesota,...
Radoslav & Liliana 's Story >
With every property I've bought and sold, there's always a challenge.
Jeanette and Andrew were looking for their first home together as a family in Berkeley. Despite it being described as a "slow market," they found that it was super competitive in their price range. Because of that, the bidding process was long and intense. Had they gone...
Jeanette & Andrew's Story >
PETER, DC, & BELLA     Sequoyah Hills | Oakland
With three of us, ours was less straight-forward than your average home purchase.
Single-story, glass walls, sunlit atrium, heated floors, quiet neighborhood. The 1964 Eichler home that Peter, DC and Bella now own is a gem straight out of the hit TV show Mad Men. The family of three – married couple Peter and DC, and DC's mother Bella – had...
Peter, DC, & Bella 's Story >
STEFANIE & MATT     West Berkeley | Berkeley
We saw about 50 houses, but this was the only one we made an offer on… and we got it!
Stefanie and Matt were expecting their first child when they started looking at houses in Berkeley. They were only about three weeks from the due date when they set foot in the house that eventually would be their first home. "We didn't make an offer right away because...
Stefanie & Matt 's Story >
SHAYE & ROBERT     Rockridge | Oakland
Our agent continues to be a great resource even after we bought the house.
Shaye Dively and Robert Hodil lived down the street from the home they now live in, and for several years had admired the house as neighbors. So when the for-sale sign went up in 2010, the couple called their former Red Oak agent, Leif Jenssen, to see whether it really...
Shaye & Robert 's Story >
BERNHARD & KAREN    Berkeley
Timing was everything. We knew we had to sell the house – the sooner, the better.
When Bernhard Schmidt and his wife Karen Schwelm began the first steps toward selling their North Berkeley home in 2010, they knew it was not going to be an easy journey. A lot of homes were for sale in the neighborhood at the time, which meant there was a lot of...
Bernhard & Karen's Story >