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Privacy/Disclosures Policy
Please read the details of this policy carefully to understand how we protect the personal information you share with us. Come back to this section routinely because specific details of our policy may change from time to time. If you have any questions, please contact us at website@redoakrealty.com or 510.292.2000.

Our Privacy Policy
We are committed to the highest level of privacy and security for our web site users and real property buyers and sellers. We understand that the buying and selling process requires the exchange of very personal information. We handle this information with the utmost respect and care. This policy applies to all information provided by you to us from the moment you make contact with us until the end of your relationship with us.

We collect information from you when you interact with our web site only when you choose to provide personally identifiable information to us.

Your relationship with us may include the secure relay of your information to title companies, escrow companies, lenders, appraisers, home inspectors, pest control companies, home warranty companies, and others who are important to your property purchase or sale. We consider these parties to be part of our collective real property buying and selling process. In most cases, this is the same information you would typically share with any real estate agent, loan broker, or others service provider necessary to the real property buying and selling process.

As part of the mortgage application process, we are required to share detailed financial information with potential lenders. We may also share your personal information with outside service providers who are approved by you and/or those who are directly involved with your real property buying and selling process.

Your choices about providing information to us
You may refuse to provide requested information at any time in an interaction with us - on our web site, over the phone, or in person. Sometimes providing the requested information is optional; other times it is necessary to move ahead in the real property buying or selling process with us or to receive particular services. We may be unable to give you access to certain web site features and/or buying tools if you do not provide requested information that is necessary.

We do not sell our client lists to anyone
We do not provide your personal information to others for purposes of business solicitation unless we have been given your permission.

How we collect information from you
Our Internet server automatically collects information about your computer each time you visit our web site. This is a common practice. The information collected may include your system configuration, browser type, and host server. Collecting this information gives us a general perspective on the types of visitors who visit our web site. We do not collect it to maintain personal information about each visitor.

We use cookies to track web site visitors. This helps us deliver site content that's specific to your interests. It also helps us understand visitor needs in general, and the functionality of our web site so we can improve it. We do not collect personal information with cookies. We may not be able to register you or allow you to login as a user if your system configuration does not accept cookies.

We collect aggregated, non-specific data based on information provided by you. We sometimes share this information with service providers in the real property buying or selling process. The shared information may include demographics, preferences, trends, etc. It won't include information that allows you to be identified specifically. For example, the aggregated data may show how many real property buyers were previously renters, how many had to sell a home before buying, what price ranges were being purchased in a particular area, average length of home ownership, etc. It won't show who the specific buyers or sellers were, or how they could be contacted.

Parties we typically share information with
You give us permission to provide your personal information to relevant parties associated with the real property buying or selling process when you submit requested information in person, over the phone, or through visits to our web site. This helps us give you the highest quality service possible.

Your personal information is provided to these relevant parties only to the extent that is appropriate and necessary at particular points in the real property buying or selling process.

Our agents, staff and management have access to your personal information only on an as-needed basis. They access and use your information only in connection with the handling of your transaction.

Privacy policies of other service providers
You are informed about the identity of additional service providers as their services are used in the real property buying or selling process, such as lenders, escrow and title companies. Each service provider has its own privacy policy. We strongly recommend that you investigate each service provider's privacy policy to understand exactly how it protects and/or handles your personal information. We cannot be responsible for the actions of these service providers with respect to their handling of your personal information.

Our web site provides links to other web sites. You should be aware that you are directed to another web site if you click on a particular link-even though the web page may be displayed under our logo and/or banner. We cannot be responsible for the information collected at these linked sites or for their privacy policy. We strongly recommend that you review the privacy policies of the linked sites as you use them.

Legal sharing situations
We may share aggregated data and/or personal information when required by law to government agencies. We may also share such information pursuant to subpoena in a court action or arbitration. We may also disclose personal information to law enforcement and other agencies when it is necessary to protect our web site, databases, and confidential information. We may also identify or contact anyone for purposes of bringing legal action to protect us. This includes our customers.

Closing your user account
You can close or de-activate your user registration account with us. Contact us by phone or e-mail at: website@redoakrealty.com or 510.292.2000. Please be aware that certain state and federal laws may require us to maintain information about your account for a particular period of time. For example, California requires real estate brokers to maintain transaction files and documents for three years. Some state and federal loan programs require the maintenance of disclosure and retention information about loan applicants for a particular period of time. We only retain or use such information as is required by law.

Updating personal information
You need your User Name and Password to access and update information on our web site. You may edit your preferences and personal information on our web site in the MyRedOak section of our web site. If you need help with this, use our online help resources or contact us at: website@redoakrealty.com or 510.292.2000.