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Bring the vibrancy of the season into your home.

Spring has sprung in 2017, and as the snow melts and the temperatures warm, it paves way for some of our favorite things: spring flowers.

Beautiful, colorful, and fragrant, spring flowers can give any space the feel of a fresh start. So open the windows and let the breeze in – here are ways you can incorporate the vibrancy of the season’s flowers into your home.

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A fresh coat:

Whether you’re painting an entire room or an accent wall let the varied colors of springtime inspire you from the soft shades of pink peonies to the rich blues of gentiana verna.

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A work of art:

The world of flora has long been a source of inspiration to artists, from Judith Leyster to Monet to Andy Warhol. Find a piece that speaks to you, whether it comes in the form of a painting or a sculpture, and breathe new life into any room.

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In its true form:

What is the simplest way to incorporate spring flowers into your home? By welcoming them in. From daylilies and bellflowers to freesias and garden roses, the shapes, colors and fragrances of spring are endless. All you need is a vase.

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Photos courtesy of Shutterstock, Pinterest, Judity Leyster, Ngoc Minh Ngo, Homedit

 Article originally appeared on LeverageRE.com