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Overlooking the sparkling waters of the San Francisco Bay and nestled in the Berkeley foothills, Northbrae is sheltered from both the heat of summer and the chill of winter. Designed as one of the first planned residential parks, we love Northbrae for its broad, curving roads, five rock gardens, pink sidewalks, panoramic vistas, lush foliage, and street names elegantly carved in stone pillars.

Northbrae's original developer, Duncan McDuffie, was a member of the Sierra Club and promoted environmentally sensitive development that strove for harmony with the surrounding natural landscape. Streets are laid out in graceful curves along the contours of the hills in a general northerly and southerly direction. This gives almost every house within Northbrae's real estate an unbroken view of the Bay on one side and the Berkeley Hills on the other. Northbrae has maintained its traditional mix of Craftsman bungalows and period revival homes.

Northbrae has a number of nearby gems including Indian Rock Park, Cedar Rose Park, Arthur Putnam's Four Sculptured Bears in the Arlington Circle fountain, and the beautiful Peralta Community Garden, where families can be found on the benches around a soothing pond, munching on fresh fruits and veggies picked up at the nearby Monterey Market.

Residents also enjoy public tennis courts, play areas, a swimming pool and a track, as well as a well-stocked branch library housed in a lovely Julia Morgan building. There is also a bounty of interesting shops and restaurants to keep you busy and inspired.

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