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North & East

North & East

North & East, also known as Central Richmond, is a pleasant neighborhood filled with charming bungalow homes, shady trees and children busy playing outside.

An affordable alternative to similar neighborhoods in other East Bay communities, North & East Richmond real estate is popular for first-time homeowners just settling down. Halloween is a huge jubilee here, so make sure you have plenty of candy stocked up!

North & East is dog-friendly too, with plenty of opportunities for walks and friendly run-ins with other pet owners.

Residents here enjoy proximity to all the parks, beaches and waterfront activities and amenities of Richmond as well as a wide choice of nearby retail centers. The Catahoula Coffee & Roasting Co. is a treasured cafe in the area, and the local library's monthly book sale, the Natural Food Grocery, a skate park, Angelo's Gourmet Deli, and the abundant choices between authentic Mexican restaurants are all just some of the well-loved community hotspots.

Additionally, North & East is near the Richmond Art Center, a nationally recognized contemporary visual arts and education center exhibiting the work of emerging Bay Area artists while offering instruction to children and adults through revolving classes and workshops in a variety of artistic mediums.

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