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Desiree Felger

Real Estate Consultant

CalBRE No. 01450073
Opening doors to your dreams

When you partner with me, rest-assured I will put you first. Your goals, your desires, and your dreams are what matter most to me as your best interest is my only interest.

First, we'll sit down and discuss what you need to know in order to buy, sell, or invest in today's market. From straight talk about the market and available loan products, to marketing your home for top dollar, I will be your guide, providing valuable resources to empower you along the way.

After 25+ years in advertising, recruiting, marketing & sales, I chose to combine what I love best and build a career around it: people and their dreams. I am a Realtor because my passion is working with people to fulfill their dreams, and I believe real estate can be a catalyst.

Most important, I really do care about my clients' well-being and wealth-being. Whether you're an existing homeowner looking to buy or sell, a first-time home buyer or an investor looking to start or expand your portfolio, I will work hard and smart to be your Realtor of choice. At your service will be a true consultant, advocate, and champion of your dreams. I'll show up not only with desire, but an extra "e"-- enthusiasm, ethics and solid experience in marketing and negotiating.

My goal is to anticipate, be resourceful, and think creatively. My deepest desire is to be a partner in Opening doors to your dreams.

What is your dream?

Desiré e Felger is a professional, ethical, and personable realtor...and she is so much more than that. She really is a Dreamweaver. Desiree knows the market and makes it her business to understand what her clients want and she will stop at nothing to weave those two circumstances into a dream come true. That's exactly what she did for me. It has been a distressing time for sellers, particularly luxury condo sellers.
However, the beautiful job she does of marketing a property to its absolute best advantage gave me the confidence of knowing that if my condo could be successfully sold - Desiree was the one to do it. And successfully sold it was - $32,000 over list price in a very tough market!
I wanted to thank you so much for doing the impossible: selling our Oakland home in the worst market since the Depression while getting more than $40K over what we paid for it a few years ago when the market had peaked, and saving me from the disaster of a short-sale or foreclosure.
Your deep experience in the local market, encyclopedic knowledge of local real estate and your huge network of contacts in the community convinced me that you were the only real estate agent who could sell my place.
As you know, this past year was a horrible time for me after losing my husband in January. You were able to guide me through this very complicated and, frankly, frightening process with a sure hand, good advice and an always sunny attitude. You were more than my agent and advocate. You were my real estate sherpa.
I've told everyone I know that if they are looking to buy or sell in the Oakland area, you are the woman to see. At this point, they half expect you to ride up on a white horse.
Thank you for everything!
Desiree is always on top of her business when working with her clients. Her provocativeness and detail-oriented manner toward her job put our acquisition progresses on smooth tracks. Her constant energy, professionalism and warm approach toward her clients also make it easy to communicate with her on any unexpected events. We continue to reach great results re: our real estate investments with Desiree's help. I highly recommend Desiree.
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
Based in New York, we worked with Desiree Felger as our buyer's agent for a long year until, with her help, we purchased a home on Lake Merritt in Oakland CA. In private conversations between the two of us -- my wife and I -- we regularly expressed our admiration for her abilities.
She was tenacious in her search for a home for us, and that persistence paid off when she identified the home we ultimately purchased in a private sale before it could be formerly listed.
At one point, perhaps being worn down and tiring of the search, we considered the purchase of a home which would in hindsight not have been what we sought; Desiree sensed that we were settling, and even in a very slow market, acted in our interest not hers, and questioned whether this was the purchase for us. This reflects her interest in forming long-term relationships which pay off for her clients.
She was innovative in her search activities; she always managed to say the right thing; she is incredibly well-connected in the community; and she managed the entire process working with us as we stayed in New York.
Throughout the entire year she proved over and over that she was totally knowledgeable about the market, about current conditions, about the intricacies of the real estate market, and about the complexity of property purchase in California.
She was simply a delight to have on our side.
Desiree was the opposite of what you see in "normal" realtors! She was personable, professional and an active listener. On top of that, she cared. And, most importantly, Desiree asked questions that we should have asked. I'd highly recommend her for whatever real estate needs might be coming your way ... she'll get it done!!
Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
I just wanted to let you know that Kompiang and I think of you often as our saviour, as far as having a home goes...
We are just so lucky to have found this place, where we feel very much as home. And it was only due to your hard work on our behalf, refusing to give up in spite of the obstacles, that we ultimately succeeded.
We look back and see how close we came to being among the folks who are now having such a hard time buying. So, thanks so much, and we'll always be grateful for your helping us out!
CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for being such an outstanding partner in selling
our condo in The Regillus.
As realtors it is always a complex and often difficult decision to select another real estate agent to assist in the buying or selling of our own property. When we decided to have you assist us in selling our unit in The Regillus, we knew that you would be an asset with your knowledge of the building as a neighbor and member of the Board of Directors. What we
did not know was how much your assistance would help us achieve such a smooth and successful transaction quickly in the midst of a soft market.
Not only were we able to find buyers who agreed to our price and terms, but you helped us find the perfect buyers who embraced this special property with emotion, honesty and credibility and will fit in well with other Regillus residents.
Your services as a Realtor were professional, honest and dependable along with your thorough knowledge of real estate transaction needs and strong marketing skills. Adding the creative Twilight Open houses to the promotional plan added a chance to showcase the spectacular view features of our unit.
As we close smoothly with all sides completely satisfied, we thank you for adding your skill and personality to a transaction not only important to our finances, but to our hearts as well.
How well did you meet my expectations? On a scale of 1 to 10, you exceeded my expectations...a 10. You were so accessible, I sometimes felt as though I was intruding on your personal time! I thought you did an excellent job listening to my questions and anticipating....of going the extra mile in both making the offer and then dealing both with the seller, title and the mortgage broker. I appreciate your efforts on all fronts and the extra time you took to let me see the place after my offer was accepted. Thank you! I am very willing to recommend you.

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Office: 6450 Moraga Avenue
Oakland, CA 94611
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