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Oakland $1,200,000

El Cerrito $835,000

Berkeley $799,000

Berkeley $789,000

El Cerrito $669,000

Oakland $639,000

Oakland $635,000

Richmond $599,000

Berkeley $525,000

Oakland $459,000

Oakland $445,000

Oakland $399,000

Berkeley $399,000

Berkeley $390,000

Oakland $339,000

Oakland $319,000

Oakland $299,000

Oakland $299,000

Richmond $215,000

Richmond $179,000

El Sobrante $130,000

Real Stories

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"Stefanie and Matt were expecting their first child when they started looking at houses in Berkeley. They were only..."
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"As first-time buyers, everything was new for Amy and Drew, who were moving to Oakland from the peninsula. The first..."
Drew & Amy's story >
"As East Coast natives on a four-month deadline, Streeter and David had to jump into the East Bay real estate market..."
Streeter & David 's story >


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Helping Others

R.O.O.F. The Red Oak Opportunity Foundation

Red Oak established the Red Oak Opportunity Foundation (R.O.O.F.) to support homeless, educational, and other organizations that help residents of the East Bay. Since 1985, R.O.O.F. has distributed more than $850,000 worth of grants.

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