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Bernhard & Karen


Timing was everything. We knew we had to sell the house – the sooner, the better.

When Bernhard Schmidt and his wife Karen Schwelm began the first steps toward selling their North Berkeley home in 2010, they knew it was not going to be an easy journey. A lot of homes were for sale in the neighborhood at the time, which meant there was a lot of competition.

They had interviewed two agents already when they met Barbara Hendrickson, and were immediately impressed with her responsiveness and deep understanding of their home.

"She showed a real interest in the house," said Bernhard. He remembers vividly the way Barbara walked through the house, surveying and studying the rooms.

Bernhard said at the time, the house didn't have a lot of curb appeal from the street and wasn't a fancy "show" house like others on the market. But Barbara saw the potential. "She really understood what the house was all about."

Bernhard had a lot of ideas for renovations to fix up the house, and he said working with Barbara was a big help because she helped him focus on the renovations that matter most to buyers and that would have the biggest impact on the home's market value.

When the time came to advertise, Bernhard said Barbara "very skillfully put the word out," and the result was a lot of interest from local agents and buyers.
The renovations, along with targeted marketing, swift negotiating, and a deep understanding of what local buyers were looking for all equated to a sale within two and a half weeks. Bernhard and Karen could not have been more pleased with their home-selling experience.

Bernhard describes Barbara's professionalism and enthusiasm throughout the transaction as "infectious from the beginning on, and over time we learned to deeply appreciate the thoroughness of her preparation instructions, her wide-reaching network of inspectors, contractors, gardeners, painters, stagers, and colleagues, and lastly her skill in negotiations that quite frankly left us in awe."

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