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Drew & Amy

Crocker Highlands

We could feel our hearts connected to this house, but there was so much drama around it.

As first-time buyers, everything was new for Amy and Drew, who were moving to Oakland from the peninsula. The first house they wanted to make an offer on was a probate sale that was listed at a very low price, which created a lot of buzz and interest from competing buyers...

“We fully expected that someone would roll up to the situation with an all-cash offer,” said Amy.

Thanks to solid guidance from their agent, Deidre Joyner, they made a sound offer that eventually was accepted. Their dream of moving into an old house that they could slowly renovate and fix up to their liking was becoming a reality. While searching for homes online, Amy and Drew found it difficult to know exactly what kinds of neighborhoods and lifestyles to expect. Being unfamiliar with Oakland, they found Deidre’s local knowledge and straightforward communication refreshing and indispensable.

“We would throw out an address and she would know all about that block,” said Drew. There were no wasted trips, which can be a drag when you’re driving up and down the peninsula to look at homes each week.

When they did visit properties, “it felt like she was actually hearing us,” said Amy. In the end, the couple got the first home they put an offer on – the one that met their needs and desires. And they’re slowly fixing it up to suit their tastes. They are thrilled to be new residents in the East Bay.

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