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Jeanette & Andrew


With every property I've bought and sold, there's always a challenge.

Jeanette and Andrew were looking for their first home together as a family in Berkeley. Despite it being described as a "slow market," they found that it was super competitive in their price range. Because of that, the bidding process was long and intense.

Had they gone down the offer path on another house they were considering, they would've missed out on the home of their dreams – and an amazing, safe back yard for the kids to play in.

Their agent, Sara Garabedian, told them about the house they'd end up buying. "If we would've gotten in the bidding process for the other house that was teetering on foreclosure, we would've missed out on this one," said Andrew.

It was their first home together, but Jeanette's sixth real estate transaction in the Bay Area, all of which she completed with Sara's help. Jeanette was selling a condo while buying this home, which posed a bit of a hurdle as the sale fell through with the first buyer.

"The deal on this place potentially would've fallen through," said Jeanette. But Sara pulled through with another qualified buyer the next day, and the couple was able to move forward with their purchase.

The seller of the home they eventually purchased was traveling a lot while the transaction was going on, which sometimes made it difficult to schedule inspections and meet deadlines. But Jeanette and Andrew were calmed by the fact that Sara was handling everything on time.

"I always felt that I didn't have to do too much work because she was so on top of it," said Jeanette.

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