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Shaye & Robert


Our agent continues to be a great resource even after we bought the house.

Shaye Dively and Robert Hodil lived down the street from the home they now live in, and for several years had admired the house as neighbors. So when the for-sale sign went up in 2010, the couple called their former Red Oak agent, Leif Jenssen, to see whether it really could be a good house for their family.

"We wanted to see whether it was as great as we thought it was," said Shaye. And it was. The house went on the market Labor Day weekend and the couple was able to get their bid in quickly thanks to Leif's help.

The couple knew Leif pretty well as he had helped them find their first East Bay house several years before that. Without hesitation, they called Leif for help with their more recent purchase and sale because they enjoyed working with him so much the first time around.

Shaye notes one of the great things about working with Leif is his incredible inside knowledge of East Bay neighborhoods and schools – something that's not easily obvious or accessible to buyers who are just getting familiar with the intricacies of each East Bay community.

For their second home purchase, Shaye and Robert looked in both Berkeley and Oakland. Ultimately, they bought the house they loved down the street from their first house. Leif helped them sell that house, too, within a month and with multiple offers.

For their first home purchase, the couple recalled that they weren't the highest bid. But thanks to Leif's efforts, they ended up getting the house. Leif also got them some money back (on both purchases) after the inspections took place.

"He comes up with creative ideas, creative offers, and good ways of positioning yourself," said Robert.

And he made the process enjoyable, said Shaye. "I consider him someone I would actually hang out with even if he weren't our real estate agent."

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