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Stefanie & Matt

West Berkeley

We saw about 50 houses, but this was the only one we made an offer on… and we got it!

Stefanie and Matt were expecting their first child when they started looking at houses in Berkeley. They were only about three weeks from the due date when they set foot in the house that eventually would be their first home.

"We didn't make an offer right away because the baby was due so soon," said Matt.

They had wanted more space and realized it was a good time to get a mortgage and take advantage of low interest rates. But they weren't in a rush and didn't think the added stress of bidding so close to the end of the pregnancy was necessary.

Three weeks after baby Delilah was born, their agent, Marsha Quick, reminded them about the place in West Berkeley they had liked so much. It was still available so they talked it over and wrote an offer. Since Marsha had seen hundreds of houses like this one in their price range, she was able to help guide them to a fair price.

While Stefanie was still recovering in the hospital after the birth, Marsha held Delilah as Matt signed the offer letter.

The transaction itself came with few complications, a welcomed situation for sleep-deprived new parents. And Stefanie and Matt appreciated that Marsha not only knew what she was doing, but also knew a lot of great local people that would help them get things done.

"We were always made to feel like we were important clients to her," said Stefanie.

There was always a nice balance of offering up listings the couple might be interested in and backing off to give them time. "She knew we were having a baby and didn't pressure us," said Stefanie. And when the right home did show up, at the right time, it was their trust in Marsha that gave them the courage to seize the opportunity.

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