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I'm so happy to have been referred to Linda by a good friend. As I was a first-time home seller, she was an excellent guide and adviser. I actually worked with Linda over the course of about two years after first contacting her when I was first having thoughts of selling my home. With her intimate knowledge of the neighborhoods and having her pulse on the ebbs and flows of the market, she wisely advised I wait until the time was right.

Well, that time came, Linda called, and boy am I glad I listened! Throughout the selling process, she was also prompt and infinitely assessable. She was diligent in paying attention to the smallest of details and her network of vendors, inspectors, and handymen made the whole process a pure pleasure. Most importantly, I found her to be genuinely friendly and completely trustworthy.

Huge thanks to you, Linda, for an excellent experience. I give her my highest recommendation to friends, family, and anyone else looking to buy or sell a home in the East Bay.
You were amazing at getting us the absolute best price possible. You knew exactly what to do to make it sell, when the market had topped out, how to price and how to negotiate. Thank you so much Linda.

I can’t tell you how often I think of you and even tell people about you. The work you did for us left such an impression on me. You have a unique set of skills that few people have—strategy, attention to detail, responsiveness, proactivity, an ability to make things truly beautiful, integrity and a calm, warm demeanor. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen all those traits in one person.

You helped my brother and I after such a difficult emotional time with our mother’s death. Thank you for all that you did and if you EVER need a reference or anything please let me know
I am so glad that I referred my client to you to sell his property in Berkeley instead of representing him myself. I have been a broker for over 30 years in the Bay Area and am capable of listing and marketing the property myself but I would not have had the results that you achieved.
Referrals have the effect of reflecting on the party making the referral. The outstanding job you did for my client made him grateful not only for your fine work but for my selecting you to list and sell his house.

Many thanks for a job well done
Linda Elkin sold our Oakland house and throughout the sale process, we were impressed with her incredible attention to detail, her amazing communication skills and her deep understanding of our local market. When our move out of our house was delayed, Linda took it in stride, rescheduling the vendors and reassessing the changes in the market. Her reassessment was pivotal in setting our listing price, which she strategically set to attract just the right buyers for our specific house. Linda created a gorgeous color booklet for our house that highlighted its period details and personally art directed the stunning cover shot. She made sure other brokers were aware of the value of our house and went out of her way to get us some extraordinary offers. As the offers were received and countered, Linda's amazing skills as a negotiator were a real asset. Her ability to understand the complicated relationships involved and negotiate both the price and conditions were essential to the success of our sale. As Linda walked us through the pro and cons of each offer, drawing on her detailed knowledge of other agents, brokers, and banks, she was invaluable in helping us to evaluate the offers. She didn't pressure us to accept a specific offer, but let us absorb all the detailed information she was able to supply and make the choice that we were most comfortable with--which was not the highest bid. We walked away from the sale completely satisfied with both the process and the result. I would never work with another agent in this area. Linda Elkin is the best.
I often am asked by real estate agents to write a recommendation. Often I am unable to do so, not because the agent is not wonderful but because a situation has never came up for me to see how the agent would respond. That is not the case with Linda Elkin. I have worked with Linda for years and she has always showed extreme caution regarding the safety and the value effecting defects of buildings her client are buying. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate working with an agent who puts her client's interest first and foremost and what a joy it is as an inspector to find defects without having to hear things getting soft pedaled to the clients after each finding. I have had the rare opportunity to see how Linda asserts her clients interest in situations that can be considered difficult. As a home inspector, I am very lucky to work within a real estate culture that seems to put their clients needs first. Linda is one of the best members of this culture.
Linda Elkin did an outstanding job in the recent sale of our house in Albany. We could not have asked for a better agent. Among the traits that Linda displayed during the sale were: 1. very strong integrity, including a very strong sense of responsibility; 2. a continual concern for the best interests of my wife and myself throughout the entire transaction; 3. significant intelligence; 4. strong knowledge regarding all aspects of the sale; 4 the ability to provide objective information at each step in the sale; 5. a collaborative way of working; 6. strong professionalism; 7. very, very hard working; 8. works very efficiently. We live far from the East Bay, and this meant that Linda would have to do much more work selling our house than in the sale of a property where the owners live nearby...Linda performed above my expectations which were high to begin with.
Linda was a truly excellent agent and guide to the home buying process for my husband and me (first time buyers). She really went above and beyond to explain the buying process to us, coach us on our offer, and shepherd us through the post acceptance period. Things Linda did particularly well:
1. Explained the ins and outs of disclosures and inspections: Linda came to our home twice and sat with us for several hours going over each page of disclosures and explaining in detail which inspections we would need and how they would work.
2. Explaining the market and guiding us on pricing: Linda ended up naming the exact price that we needed to bid to get our house.
3. Available and responsive: Linda is available via text, email and phone and is highly responsive. She also worked with docusign in the post acceptance period, which made the signing of literally hundreds of documents quick and painless.
4. Presentation of offer and coaching us around constructing offer: We feel that Linda's advice to us on price, writing a letter to enclose with our offer and contingencies made it so that we beat out an offer that was the exact same dollar amount. Also, Linda's excellent presentation of our offer contributed much to the fact that ours was accepted over the others.
5. Communication and negotiation with sellers post acceptance: Because of Linda, we were able to sustain a very positive relationship with the sellers and sellers' agent post offer. Through careful and strategic negotiation, Linda also helped us gain a few things that we really needed. We feel that the way Linda presented our needs throughout the process and especially in this post-acceptance period made the crucial difference in negotiations with the sellers.
6. Going above and beyond the call of duty: Linda actually called us (and lined up back-up resources) from the emergency room when she had to go in for unexpected medical treatment during a crucial phase in our buying process. We were blown away by this level of service.
There were many other smaller ways in which Linda did a great job and contributed to our first home buying experience being pleasant and painless. Also, Linda is just a really nice and intelligent person and a real pleasure to work with. We recommend her highly and if we ever sell our house, will definitely work with her again!
In the midst of a real estate market filled with uncertainty, your extensive research of local sales trends gave us the confidence that our bid was competitive, and yet represented a fair purchase price. Finally, your fantastic negotiation skills brought a successful conclusion to our first home buying experience.
I have used Linda both to sell and buy. I've worked with several realtors before and none have been better to work with. Without being pushy or judgmental, Linda collectively gathers people to work together to get inspections, estimates, bids, labor, marketing, and multiple offers on the table. Linda makes it feel effortless and very personable. I highly recommend her.
Hard Work, Skill, Integrity, Honesty, Patience, Energy, Tolerance and the Utmost Intelligence are but a few of the words to describe Linda Elkin.
I am giving Linda 5 stars because she is certainly as good as it gets! My partner and I were searching for a house on and off for over 1 year. We were originally with a different agent who ended up recommending Linda. Linda quickly familiarized herself with what we were looking for in a house. She was available via text, email, and phone and was always responsive. She evaluated our financial position and helped us find homes that would meet our needs. Her contacts were also all very reputable.

We were able to purchase our first home a few weeks ago and she made the inspection period and closing process very easy to understand. She is detailed, intelligent, friendly, and has a great understanding of the business. I would recommend Linda to any of my family and friends who were searching for a home and I would definitely want to work with her again.
I've been a real estate lawyer in Oakland for 22 years, and I've worked with many, many agents in the East Bay. My unqualified pick for the top of the top is Linda Elkin of Red Oak. Excellent, smart, experienced, humane, decent, caring, and thoroughly professional, she also has a fine sense of humor-- a quality badly needed in the world of buying and selling homes. If I were selling my own house, Linda would be my first choice.
Linda helped me buy my first home. She was extremely honest and upfront, had great communication skills and was always available on either email, phone or even text messages. We probably saw at least a couple dozen places before I made the offer that eventually got accepted, and her advice proved valuable. Highly recommended.
We had the pleasure of working with Linda Elkin on the complicated, pre-market purchase of our home. Linda is a consummate professional who showed incredible dedication to us! She stayed up many late nights to help us with the documents, she coached us through the negotiations process, and she was present and prompt at all the inspections. She was able to talk through the nitty-gritty details of the transaction with my husband, while supporting me through the emotional aspects of our purchase and subsequent move. We recommend Linda highly and would definitely work with her again!
We want to let you know how much we appreciate all your hard work to help us get our first home, especially one that we love so much. We never would have felt comfortable making such a major decision so quickly without your guidance, knowledge and support.
You make the phrase going the extra mile a reality. Both houses we sold required a different strategy, and your ideas brought each sale to a successful conclusion. Your knowledge of the market, attention to detail, and ability to contact and follow-through with a variety of service providers from engineers to painters to window washers was invaluable. We found ourselves extremely confident in your ability to handle any and all problems.
I was in need of a realtor and none that I knew were people I would go back to. What to do? A colleague recommended a friend of hers--a woman who had been an accountant/tax expert, a poet and a dancer before going into real estate. I gave her a call. Everything about that initial exchange signaled the relationship that would follow. Linda Elkin was forthright, aptly formal but warm, and as concerned to know that the alliance would be a good one for her as much as for me. The next step was a meeting. That meeting was thorough and long--unlike anything I had ever experienced with the three different real estate agents who had negotiated transactions for me in the past. We discussed what I was looking for and where, what my lifestyle was like, what I could afford and where and soon narrowed my arena down to a very specific area and, in fact, a very specific place. Linda next set up her computer to alert her and me when properties in my category popped up. Within three weeks what I was looking for came on the market, and although it was far sooner than I had anticipated and made me incredibly nervous, she knew that it was time to act and made sure we were the first to see the property. We placed a bid that we arrived at together after thorough discussion and analysis, with a strong strategy behind it. Everything was considered. She was willing to push in negotiations and did, with a clear upper hand at each step.

But even more, everything Linda did was calm and gracious in addition to being extraordinarily competent and I felt brilliantly represented. Her business demeanor is tough and serious yet elegant, and she relies on facts cooly delivered to make her point. In her I had an advocate as I've never had before and felt that she went beyond the call of duty again and again, and made an art of her business as few people can do.

It is no surprise that I found the just right place to live and that I love it. And if I ever have the fortune/misfortune to buy another piece of real estate I'll make sure that Linda is running the show.
Linda always gave 100%, no matter what time of day we were working together. Even when we burned the midnight oil on several occasions, she was always very careful and never made me feel rushed. As a first-time home-buyer, Linda taught me a lot about the real estate process, and I feel confident that everything was done in a professional, competent and honest way. She went to bat for me several times, always looking out for my best interests. Linda went above and beyond the call of duty to help me look into the disclosures associated with my property once I was in contract.
Linda advised me what to do to sell my home and handled all the details to get it done. I did everything she told me to do, and my home sold in 13 days for more than the list price!
I've bought and sold several houses and I've always worked with realtors who I thought were really good and was happy with them. But you are better than any other realtor I've worked with! I can tell you really care about your clients. Your integrity and your attention to detail make you stand out.
I could hardly believe how you transformed our house. I counted on you to take care of everything, and you did. I'm telling everyone I know that if they want to sell their house, they shouldn't even think of calling anyone but Linda!
Thank you so much for selling my house on Francisco Street, Berkeley. Thank you from the depths of my heart and soul for taking on my house and me as your mid-summer nightmare project. You saw the potential beyond every difficulty and step by step cleared away every problem. You organized assistance; you organized me. A genuine offer was made within nine days of the first showing of the house and you worked patiently, diligently and faithfully with the potential buyer's agent and with me on almost a daily basis through to the successful conclusion.
I want to thank you again for all your help and enthusiasm as well as making this transaction move forwards in an orderly fashion. I will definitely recommend others to work with you.
We wanted to thank you for guiding us through the process of buying our home. You took all the time each step required without ever making us feel rushed, you always presented all of our options, and supplied us with the resources or information we would need to make a decision about which we would feel good. After we had decided to buy, we were impressed by your diligence and commitment in terms of setting up inspections, and getting the right people involved at the right time. This made the complex buying process very easy for us, and made us feel confident that nothing was overlooked.
If you are a first time home buyer and new to East Bay neighborhoods, then Linda is the right person to choose. Linda evaluated my wife and my needs and was able to show us different neighborhoods and houses that suit us well. Linda was able to educate us on good flip vs cheap flip properties and neighborhoods that will be the best for our lifestyle. During the offer period, Linda was fast on getting all the inspections done, and was great on negotiating the right price for us. Overall my experience has been great. She is not only a good realtor but also a good friend to help out with any future need. I hope to use her again in the future for my next purchase. I am very happy with the location, price and property that I have purchased, and thanks to Linda for such a smooth transaction.
My husband and I were looking for a realtor before moved to the East Bay. We were disappointed by other realtors we had, so we decided to ask our friends and family for referrals.
Linda was referred to us by a friend and she was great since day one. She was very flexible, and responded to our questions and concerns in a timely manner. She truly took the time to go over every little detail regardless of how time consuming it was. She made sure that we understood. She was candid and very knowledgeable about the Oakland/ Berkeley neighborhoods. We were able to find our house in about 3-4 month time frame. She truly made things easier for us. She's a sweet lady with a great personality, and you won't be disappointed to work with her.

We're so happy we found her.
I worked with Linda over the course of 3 years. She has an excellent knowledge of the market, of the different neighborhoods, and was flexible with me as my desires changed over time. She was incredibly patient and never pressured me to buy. I even told her that I wasn't 100% sure that I would buy something and she still made herself available to show me places, only asking for the commitment that if I did buy, I would do so through her. There were a couple of instances where I was excited about a place that wasn't practical for one reason or another. Linda told me that she thought the place wasn't right for me, and that I shouldn't make an offer.
When I finally put in my first offer and it was accepted, she spent endless hours with me during the inspection/contingency period. I was a first time home buyer who probably inspected everything possible - test holes for dry rot, a structural engineering inspection, and I even tested the place for flooding by leaving the hose on for an hour outside the door in question. Linda had a meticulously organized calendar for each of the inspectors that came by, remembered every detail that I couldn't keep track of, and facilitated the entire process for me. She is a skilled negotiator and had excellent advice when coaching me on my offer price. I ended up getting a wonderful house that is just right for me. When I wanted to pick up the keys at her office, she insisted upon meeting me at the house and showed up with the keys and a bottle of champagne.
Even after closing escrow, despite how busy she is, Linda has been incredibly responsive. I mentioned having a small problem with my home warranty, and within hours, her representative called me saying that he got a call from my realtor and he'd like to make things right. She has also been of great assistance finding skilled tradespeople in the area. I can't speak highly enough of Linda. Several of my friends/colleagues have worked with her and have been equally happy. I trust Linda wholeheartedly and would recommend her to anyone.
Linda is easy to connect with. She is patient, dedicated, thorough and always punctual. She was very invested in finding the right house for us. We were new to California. She was our guide through the entire process providing explanations for every detail, and was honest about the pros and cons. She repeatedly assured us that we'd find the right house and when we withdrew from a bid on a home, she assured once again that we should not buy anything that we were not comfortable with. She made the whole buying process as smooth as possible working through all the details and piles of paper work, and distilled down the information for our easy understanding. Linda has a keen sense of the housing market across neighborhoods. Even though the house we had bid on received multiple offers higher than ours, she insisted that the house was not worth as much as those other offers. For various reasons, the other offers all fell through and we bought the house at her recommended price. Prior to the closing, Linda (and we) had concerns about certain aspects of the house. She arranged for various inspectors, engineers to review the house in spite of very tight deadlines. She also helped us locating the bank that gave us an excellent rate on our mortgage. We were very pleased with all of them. It proved once again that good people draw good people. Linda's investment in helping us did not stop after we bought the property. She recommended a contractor for renovations that we wanted to do on our home. We highly recommend Linda for her keen knowledge of Oakland and her excellent work ethics. From being our real estate agent, Linda is now our friend.
My wife and I selected Linda to be our real estate agent when we were looking to purchase our first home together. Once she knew what we were looking for, she told us about a home that was about to go up for auction. We viewed the home and decided that this was the perfect one for us.

After researching comps in the area, she helped us come up with an offer, as we did not want to lose this property at an auction. After negotiating back and forth with the bank that was foreclosing on this home, we reached an offer that they accepted. As a result of the findings of our home inspection, Linda managed to get the bank to lower the price by $7,500.

Throughout the entire process, she was extremely thorough and intelligent. She was available day and night as we dealt with the complexities of purchasing a foreclosed property.

Once the purchase was complete, we contracted with Linda to sell my wife's previous home. We trusted her judgment so much that we gave her free rein to stage and select paint colors as she saw fit. She ended up selling this home above the asking price at a time when real estate prices were diminishing.

Her professionalism, easy demeanor, ultimate patience and kind disposition lead me to recommend her without hesitation.
I feel very fortunate I found Linda Elkin! She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, very helpful and genuinely nice. Even though the location of my property was outside her area, she found a colleague who would be the right fit for my situation. Linda spoke to me at length about the current state of both the housing market and the needs of today's buyers. I was very impressed with her professionalism and grateful she took the time to explain the process of getting a house ready for the most efficient sale. She is detailed, confident and I highly recommend her.
I recently sold my Oakland Condo with Linda Elkin as the realtor. Linda was an outstanding realtor in all respects.

First of all, she knew all of the business aspects and how to negotiate with buyers. She had many excellent suggestions and techniques in dealing with potential buyers as we moved through the process. Also, Linda put her focus and energy into this condo, even though she may make more profit from bigger properties generally. She selected the best staging, paint colors, decor, and photographer. In fact, she had the photographer photograph the unit twice - to catch its image both at daytime and at night. The result was a beautiful, Architectural Digest-esque look to the condo once it was staged for selling.

Linda was also patient with me as I grappled with some emotions over the decision to sell. She helped me to understand the context and provided suggestions but ultimately left all decisions to me. Excellent. Perhaps most importantly, she hid nothing, informed me of all activity, let me make the decisions and was consistently up front and acting with integrity.

I highly recommend Linda and will use her again if the occasion arises.
Linda helped my husband and I purchase our first home last summer and we couldn't have done it without her. She was the 3rd agent that we worked with during the process; we definitely made her work for the commission and she couldn't have been happier to do so. She is kind and patient and really wants the buyer to find the right house.

We were pretty high maintenance :

- During the looking process as we were anxious and kept thinking this or that fixer-upper would be perfect for us - she helped to keep us grounded and yet responded timely and made time to see houses that she knew we wouldn't get...

- During the inspection process we wanted multiple bids for electric, roof, heating, foundation

- We even had to change our mortgage broker and the structure of the financing mid-deal

She has an excellent list of resources from mortgage brokers to cleaning services to heating & foundation referrals.

It was a pleasure doing business with her and although we do not expect to sell our house - if we had to we would use her in a heartbeat.
In January 2012 I made the decision to start looking for a condo to buy in Oakland, but had no clue as to where to start or how the buying process even worked. I chose Red Oak Realty because of its reputation in the East Bay. I called the office, explained my situation and was forwarded to Linda. I could not have been luckier.

Linda met with me for about an hour and explained the home buying process from beginning to end, including all the costs associated with buying a home. We talked about my finances and she told me, very honestly, that I didn't have enough money saved yet to cover both a down payment and closing costs and that there was no point in looking at any properties until I did. She said to come back and see her when I did. Linda was absolutely right. I was not aware of the all the costs associated with buying home and was in no way ready to buy at that time.

About six months later after having saved some more money, I met with Linda again. We found a condo in my favorite neighborhood and I made an offer. The property was a foreclosure which made the process more challenging and time consuming. Linda walked me through every form and disclosure making sure I understood everything. She was honest, provided full disclosure and was always my advocate. During escrow when deadlines were at risk, she was tenacious about making sure they didn't slip. She even spent two hours with a locksmith at my new condo installing a lock on the front door when I wasn't able to be there myself.

I would not hesitate to recommend Linda to family and friends and would use her services again in a heartbeat.
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