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Trick or Treat

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Often when families are new to the East Bay, finding the best spot to take the kids trick or treating may take a year or two. We’ve compiled a short list of tried and true spots that work especially well for young children. (Note towards the end of this post we’ve also provided links to some neighborhoods with merchants that offer trick or treating during the day, as well as a link to additional Halloween fun.)

Haddon Hill
This neighborhood of haunted-looking mansions just west of Lake Merritt is well known for its decorated front stoops, front yard cemeteries and more – a treat for kids of all ages on Halloween. In addition to the decorations, the majestic homes add to the intrigue of this area notorious for going all out on this haunted holiday. We’ve also heard the treats are just as good as the decor!
Trestle Glen
East of Lakeshore Avenue lies a long flat stretch along Trestle Glen Road where houses are close together, ideal for trick or treaters. Trestle Glen is famous for attracting families from all over the East Bay, so it can get crowded on Halloween, but it’s fun, festive and especially great for younger kids and families. Neighborhood parents have been known to have just as much fun socializing as their kids along this route.

Waldo Avenue (between Park Way & Blair)
It’s not the longest street in Piedmont, but it is certainly one of the most festive! This street is often a destination for Piedmont families along their trick or treating routes for the home decor alone. Are picking up treats on Waldo, make your way down Blair to Dracena Avenue and you’ll be greeted by a street filled with hanging ghosts in the trees, a decades-long tradition for Dracena homeowners.
Ricardo Avenue
On the other side of Dracena Park is one of the most traditionally popular trick or treating spots in Piedmont – Ricardo Avenue. Homeowners and parents escorting their children up and down Ricardo have also been known to dress up, and the pumpkin carvings don’t disappoint. Include the next two blocks over, York Drive and Manor Drive, and you’ve hit Piedmont’s widely-known Halloween “sweet spot”.

Mariposa Avenue
Mariposa Street is closed off to cars on All Hallows’ Eve, making it a preferred spot for younger trick or treaters. This small tree-lined block becomes filled with ghosts, goblins, and superheroes running from home to home with overflowing bags of candy. Known for elaborate decorations, there’s even been a bouncy house adding to the fun in the past. The earlier you go, the easier it will be to find parking nearby.
Russell Street
Known for elaborately decorated graveyards, haunted houses and detailed pumpkin displays is Russell Street in the Elmwood neighborhood. The stretch from College Avenue through to the Claremont Hotel transforms into a popular Halloween destination for Berkeley families and kids from all over the East Bay. Because of the huge draw that Russell Street attracts, trick or treating ends promptly at 8:30 and the Berkeley police can be seen making their presence known in order to keep activities safe. Take your youngest on the early side in order to avoid the larger crowds.

In addition to neighborhood trick or treating, many local towns sponsor trick or treating events during the day on Halloween or on the weekend before. Be sure to check with your local merchants’ association to see where and when these events occur. For starters, a few widely-known trick or treat events take place in Montclair, on Solano Avenue, Piedmont Avenue, Fourth Street and Alameda to name just a few. Be sure to also check out the numerous carnivals, parades, costume contests, and haunted houses as well; there are no shortages of Halloween activities throughout the East Bay. Scroll down to the bottom of this link to see a list of major city events.

Stay safe, happy haunting and Happy Halloween!!