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Oakmore, or Oakmore Highlands as it is more formally designated, sits in the hills above the Dimond district, south of Sausal Creek, and north of Lincoln Avenue. This is a neighborhood that is much loved, but not well known. The lack of notoriety is probably because the very few business in the area do not attract many visitors. Another reason is the geography of the area makes it into an enclave with very little through traffic. Oakmore is a very private place.

In the 1920s, however, the neighborhood grabbed headlines for its "miracle" bridge: a single span concrete arch bridge that was the largest of its time when completed in 1927. Spanning Dimond Canyon and Sausal Creek, Leimert Blvd. and the bridge are the main entry to the neighborhood. Bridge and Boulevard are both named for Walter Leimert, the builder who built them and opened the area to prospective homeowners in the form of 440 residential lots.

Oakmore's gradual growth has resulted in a wide variety of housing styles, mostly built between the late 1920s and World War II. Its advantageous location on the west-facing slopes of the Oakland hills typically offers Oakmore real estate lots of sunshine and often views of the bay. While its own commercial area is small, there is plenty of shopping and dining in the adjacent Montclair, Dimond, and Glenview neighborhoods.

For more historic and community information about this Oakland neighborhood, visit http://oakmorehighlands.org.


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