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Julia Temple


CalBRE No. 01429857
Julia Puts the “Real” in Real Estate

Raised in the Bay Area, she learned the business at the desks of some of the top agents in the area. This has allowed her to give clients more than a sense of a single house, but of an area’s entire history.

Living in the community in which she works, allows Julia to match buyers and sellers with a price range they can afford and a neighborhood they love.

Like most people, Julia is much more than the sum of her parts. When she’s not working with clients, she’s with her son, a student at St. Paul’s Episcopal, a school rooted in service. She believes strongly in giving back to the community. Julia has created a number of innovative programs that includes a book drive for the Oakland Public Schools. She is also one of the founders of Elevated Legacy, Inc., a nonprofit youth sports program with an emphasis on education and college preparation. She also donates a portion of every commission to the Red Oak Opportunity Foundation, a nonprofit started by Red Oak Realty to support the local community.

Julia understands that a real estate transaction is usually the largest investment her clients will make in their lives. To better assist buyers and sellers, she regularly attends seminars to stay on top of the real estate market as it evolves through good and bad times. Ferocious about detail, a tough negotiator and a person with a reputation for ethics and integrity, Julia has won a dedicated client base.

Integrity, strength, and hard-working are words that Julia’s clients have used to describe her, qualities that speak to trust. Call Julia at 510.759.3677.

I highly recommend Julia Temple for her excellent real estate services. I couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience in finding my new home. Julia constantly surprised me with how much information she knew about every step of the process. I was looking in a very specific neighborhood and right away, Julia had places for us to look at. We went out every weekend and even some week nights. Julia was able to work around my busy work schedule and could always make herself available, even at times that were untraditional work hours. As we looked at houses, Julia never pressured me to make a purchase and was incredibly patient with me as I turned down house after house, even after months of looking. I had a vision for what I was looking for and Julia understood that vision. Her goal the entire time we worked together was to make sure that I was going to be happy with my purchase.
Julia had a keen sense of whether or not a house was underpriced or overpriced. She has a great eye for looking at the details. She walked me through dozens, if not a hundred houses, each one with precise care and consideration for my needs. She was up to date with current code, the permit process, the latest trends in real estate and mortgage law. The housing market was quite volatile but Julia kept me grounded and focused as we went along our search. I was already pleased with our interaction but Julia’s true strength didn’t even show up until the end of our search. Julia is an expert negotiator. I had a difficult seller, but Julia was able to get them to cover tens of thousands of dollars worth of work including a new foundation. She was on the phone with me and the seller daily, making sure everything was in order. She walked me through every step of the process and was even present for my inspections even when I couldn’t be. When an issue came up with my lender, she had another broker ready to go and we were able to save the deal solely because of her vast amount of resources and relationships she has built in the real estate community.
Even after I closed, Julia continued to make her services available to me and has emailed me numerous times seeing if she can help me with anything. She is one of the hardest, most dedicated workers I’ve ever encountered and because of that hard work, I have a house that I love. I know without Julia, this wouldn’t be the case. Deals would have fallen through at multiple points in the house buying process except that Julia foresaw the issues and was able to deal with them effectively as they came up. I wasn’t just pleased on a technical level; I also looked forward to our many drives through Oakland. Julia is personable as well as professional. She always picked me up with a wide smile and a sense of excitement for the day. Her calm and dedication helped keep me calm and dedicated. Buying a house was one of the few times I was not in control over a life situation, but having Julia there made it a smooth, less chaotic process. She is committed to meeting the needs of her client and during the times I needed her most, I completely trusted her instincts and professional knowledge of the many situations I encountered to help me purchase my home. I highly recommend Julia Temple to anyone looking to buy a house.
It is easy to write this letter on behalf of Julia Temple. Julia assisted me in purchasing my home, which was no easy ordeal. She was patient and understanding of the difficulties on e faces when buying a home. Julia never pressured me, even after writing numerous offers, entering in to contracts and attending inspections, on to watch me back out.

In the end, it was Julia's thorough understanding of the Oakland Real Estate market that gave me the confidence to ultimately stay in contract and purchase my first home, which I am thoroughly happy with.

Julia is caring, knowledgeable, and patient real estate agent. It will be my pleasure to pass her name on to other prospective home buyers and sellers.
Julia Temple is by far the most competent and hard-working real estate agent that I have worked with. I moved from Maryland to Albany, CA three years ago. In Maryland, I had purchased two houses previously and interviewed and worked with at least a dozen real estate agents in the process. I was always disappointed to find that as buyer's agents, they were always trying to force me to buy, and as seller's agents, they were just trying to get me to sell. I never felt that they were truly working for my best interest. The first time I went out to look for properties with Julia, I realized that she was a different kind of agent. Not only did she tell me frankly when she thought that a property was not in my best interest, but she provided me with tons of great information to help me become a better, more informed consumer. She invited me to seminars on buying investment property. Put together comps for almost every property that we went out to see (and that was a lot of properties) and was always professional, courteous and concerned throughout the process. As it turns out, we have not yet purchased a property in California, but Julia nonetheless keeps up abreast on the latest in real estate news so that when we are ready, we are confident in our decision and have no doubt about who our agent will be. Julia is so competent that I referred my brother, who is looking for a house in DC to her -- knowing that if she couldn't find a house for him, she certainly would be able to help in some way. Immediately after my asking, Julia had picked up the phone and called three referral agents in DC, interviewed them and made a recommendation to my brother about an agent. After looking for over a year and consistently being disappointed with his real estate agents, he's now on the right track and satisfied in working with competent professionals. In the past few years of working with Julia, she has become more than just a real estate agent, but a true friend. She treats her clients as friends and family - with care and concern that only a true professional can bring to the important act of trying to help someone to purchase, not a house, but a home. I can think of no one as worthy of the title of Realtor as Julia. She is truly a one of a kind agent.
I met Julia Temple four years ago when our son’s were in the same first-grade class together at St. Paul’s Episcopal School. Julia made a good impression on me; she is funny, warm, beautiful and smart. I instantly liked her.

As I got to know her better, I was struck by Julia’s strong character. She isn’t afraid to say what she thinks, but she does it in a way that does not offend or insult. I appreciate that she is very fair and honest. I don’t often meet someone with so much integrity at such a young age.

A year ago, Julia worked as my real estate agent to help me buy my first home. This gave me a chance to see another side of her. Not only is Julia very thorough and professional, I’ve never seen anyone work harder. As a single mom, I wanted to live somewhere affordable and safe. She stuck with me as I tried to find the right combination of characteristics in a property. I always felt reassured and encouraged by her. My son and I are so happy in our little duplex off Piedmont Avenue. I will always be grateful to Julia for helping to make this happen.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Julia Temple can hold a clients hand, touch their hearts, manage their finances, pull a real estate rabbit out of a hat, oversee their move, and make it home in time for dinner and homework with her son. Can your agent do that?

Julia has that rare ability to be easy and enjoyable to work with, while maintaining a high degree of professionalism. This, coupled with her ability to inspire trust and confidence,
makes her my first choice when I need an experienced realtor who knows how to follow through.
I highly recommend Julia Temple as an excellent realtor. She is extremely dedicated and determined to fulfill her client’s needs. She goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients are knowledgeable and comfortable with their real estate decisions.

I started working with Julia in April of 2008 in search of my perfect first home. As a teacher in the Oakland Unified School District and a first time-time home buyer, I was concerned and nervous about he financial responsibility and emotional turmoil that I was about to encounter. Julia helped me to understand all of the loans available to me and made me confident that I was indeed ready and capable of taking this huge step in my life.

Julia was extremely accommodating to my limited schedule. I was only available to look at properties in the early evenings and weekends, and Julia always found time to meet me whenever I needed her to. I appreciated her commitment to not taking phone calls during our time together and I always felt like I was her only clients, even though I knew she had several.

We finally found my perfect house in August, but we encountered many challenges during escrow. Julia personally went to several offices to expedite paperwork and fight for my loan approvals. She made my fight her fight and I am forever grateful. I completely and wholly trusted her to successfully complete the closing process.

Julia Temple is an excellent realtor not only because of her dedication and commitment to her clients, but because she is a friend through what can be an extremely stressful experience. She truly cares about your purchase, as if it were her own. I have recommended Julia to all of my friends who are also interested in buying homes, and I look forward to working with her again when I am ready to buy my next home.
Simply put, without the help of Julia Temple and the resources she has at Red Oak Realty, I would of not bought the house I am now happily in. She was patient while sorting through the many different neighborhoods and houses that we looked at. Some of the places were very challenging to enter, but she powered through with determination. When I finally found the house that I wanted, she worked hard to navigate through the very difficult period and situations that came up involving the purchase of the house. From dealing with challenges of a bank owned property, to constantly checking in with the mortgage agency making sure they were doing their part of the job. She has even helped me with questions after the close of the house. Because of her skill and patience I was so happy with Julia that I recommend all of my friend that are looking for houses to go to her.

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