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Kate Tanaka


CalBRE No. 01360386
When my husband and I were young it dawned on us at some point that we should buy a house. Our ignorance of real estate was serious so it was our good fortune when we were referred to a truly wonderful real estate agent. Her name was Miriam. She painstakingly - and competently - helped us shed our whimsical ignorance, indulged as much as she could of our "taste" and helped us land in our first home.

During the process of finding a home to buy she steered us away from what would have been our own disastrous inclinations (such as purchasing a home next to a noisy institution). Miriam talked us out of buying more homes than the reverse. As it happened, the purchase of our first place became the most significant financial move of our lives. It was a wonderful place to live and start our family - it was the setting of many precious memories - and it was the asset which expanded in value to greatly enhance our own financial security. After living there for seven years we moved to what would otherwise have seemed an unattainably great house had we not made such a wise choice in the first place - again, with Miriam's help. The positive role that she played in our lives can hardly be over-stated. In the overall picture she was far more significant than all the IRA's, advice from financial advisors or even the IPO that once came our way.

So, when I became a real estate agent myself, Miriam was my role model. While the pressure to "do a good job" was initially daunting, I now have years of experience and am confident that I, too, can play the role of a Miriam in the lives of my clients.

I am extremely careful in the process of house hunting and house selling with my clients. I take particular care to make sure that I communicate regularly and am clear about what my clients' goals really are. I am fanatically devoted to detail whether I am working with Buyers or Sellers because I know how important residential real estate is to the people that I am working for.

I was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, went to school in the Midwest and moved to the Bay Area upon graduation. I cherish the mountains, I am fond of the Midwest - but I LOVE the San Francisco Bay Area. Having lived in the city, on the peninsula and now in the east bay - I have a good grasp of what it has to offer.

I have never written a testimonial for anyone in my life. But Kate Tanaka is worth writing about. I met Kate 7 years ago when my husband and I decided to work with her on our quest to buy another house.
I have worked with other agents in the past but when I met Kate I knew she was different from the rest. I truly mean that!!! What struck me after working with her for a bit was that she did not just want to sell us any ole house. She wanted us to get exactly or close to what was on our wish list. She got to know us and worked really really hard to keep us on track with our goal. Kate is great at that because sometimes the process becomes overwhelming. It literally took us two years to buy a house. We were probably the client that took the longest to buy a house. Kate never lost patience and never gave up on us.
When we did buy our house there were 11 offers and we had to close in 21 days and also refinance our current house that we were living in at the time. Kate was smart, hardworking and always thinking ahead so that the deal went smooth. And of course even the loan officer that we used had never met Kate before and was raving about how wonderful she was to work with because she was so on top of her game.

Because I so trust Kate to get the job done I recommended her to my dad who was unfortunately selling his sister's house due to her death. Kate not only was the real estate agent selling the house she had to deal with the untrusting, greedy relatives that had dollars signs for pupils. Kate at times was the mediator who had to sit down with the other relatives and put their minds at ease. She also had to deal with the probate attorney
because my aunt did not have a will. It was very sad to watch my father go through this but having Kate on board was exactly what my dad needed. She was so kind to my dad and had such a strategic plan to sell the house that there were 6 solid offers over asking. The accepted offer was 126,000 over the asking price. My dad sings Kate's praises to everyone when the subject of selling or buying a house comes up. I have recommended Kate to others who have thanked me over and over for sending her their way. I guarantee you that you will be more than pleased working with Kate.
It was a pleasure to work with Kate as our agent! We were first time buyers, and she made us feel like somebody was watching out for us throughout the entire process. Kate was able to explain the process and help us make smart decisions without ever pressuring us to do anything we weren't comfortable with. She skillfully narrowed the field to houses that would be a good fit for us, and we now own our dream home, with many thanks to Kate.
I asked Kate Tanaka to help me sell my house in the fall of 2010. Simple you say. Well not so simple. See, I planned to be away for two months and would need to leave a good deal of the details and staging to her. The garden also needed to be prepared and kept tidy for the sale. Add to this a last minute dispute before I left about a fence where tempers would definitely have flared had she not been around. She stepped in to resolve, mediate and then proceeded to organize the sale ticking off the “to do” items to get the house as attractive as it could be. With good cheer and careful tending to my fears and anxieties about such a big transaction for me she staged the open house without me in the country, took the bids as I merrily went on a five day hike. I should say that I knew Kate slightly from before and knew her to be of the highest integrity. I trusted her totally. Finally, bids came in, she managed the bidding process extremely well and the house was sold for a very good price in a down and slow market. She was definitely worth it, and gives way more of herself than just professional service. One problem she has is that she's not very good at tooting her own horn. When I was picking her I was surprised to find no yelp pages despite her years of successful experience. Looks like she's getting around to that now. I could not recommend anyone higher. 10/10 stars.
Kate Tanaka has been our real estate agent for several years patiently guiding us through hundreds of open houses, dozens of "packets", a couple of offers, 2 almost closures and now finally, the right home and a solid sale of our old home. The whole time Kate was as upbeat, determined, patient and as kind as one could ever hope for. Kate was always available to us with no hesitation and kept us abreast of any developments. She worked countless hours making sure the house we sold was as perfect as it could be, and we had 5 offers, all over asking!. Kate is humble and it is hard for her to "toot her own horn", so we will do that for her. Simply put, "Kate rocks!"
As a first time homebuyer I was unsure of and ambivalent about shopping for a house. Kate took it upon herself to educate me into the process and reality of homebuying, which she did patiently and without being patronizing. She helped me to clarify my thinking, and provided a necessary reality check to my more idiosyncratic expectations. She was patient, understanding, and very responsive to my endless stream of questions. She was also perceptive enough to understand what I wanted, even when I was inarticulate and confused, and showed me only those houses that were appropriate for my consideration. Throughout the entire process of looking for the right place, including a losing bid on a place I thought I wanted and a winning bid on a place I really wanted, Kate was honest, competent, committed, and a lot of fun to work with. I have since recommended her to a friend, and would recommend her again without qualification.
Kate is an experienced and attentive agent who understands the East Bay market. As first-time home buyers, we were impressed with Kate's patience and commitment to our finding a home. She helped us negotiate a competitive offer amidst multiple bids and she guided us through the complicated process to successfully close the deal. We recommend Kate to our friends and look forward to working with her in the future.

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